Lifestyles in the networked society
the Mobile

Move between contexts.

Focus on experiences.

Owns as little as possible.

Are highly individualistic. 

Shun away from responsibilities. 

Use digital services of access. 

… move between contexts without committing too heavily to one career path, one lifestyle, or one life project 

… focus on experiences, preferably as alternative as possible, using digital tools, services and social media to maintain and manage the narrative of their life experiences

… prefer to own and possess as little as possible to avoid being caught and boxed in by their material belongings

… are highly individualistic and prioritize the accumulation of personal experiences before a career or a socially regarded position

… shun away from taking on too many challenges and responsibilities 

… use digital services of access to cater for all basic necessities

Meet The Mobiles

The Mobiles are represented by different kinds of people, still sharing the basic traits. Read more about them and their lifestyles here. 

Mobile's devices

Different devices are used in The Mobile's lives. See them described here.