Lifestyles in the networked society

Outside the traditional labor market.

… are empowered and have momentum in society but do not belong to a traditional labor market

… focus a majority of their time and effort in areas they are passionate about, and become increasingly involved in these categories

Focus on their passions.

… value their ability to do something different, to cope on their own and to disrupt the traditional ways of the world

Disrupt the traditional ways.

… may be individually driven in their various projects, but are both empowered and dependent on their own community 

Empowered by and dependent on their own community. 

… take initiatives within sharing economy, barter trade, local currencies, maker movement and consumption collectives

Take collaborative initiatives.

… form a new, alternative and parallel system through their own efforts, with the aim to bring over other people and form new networks outside of the established ones

Form alternative networks.